Cap Ex vs Op Ex: That Is The Question

If your company was to experience a major weather event, resulting in higher than average calls on your existing technology, could your IT cope? Or would it collapse like Southwest Airlines systems did during the 2022 holiday season? 

Migrating all your servers and applications to the cloud can provide the reassurance that your applications are robust, secure, up to the minute and are unlikely to leave you struggling manually in an emergency with pencil, paper and phone. 

And when it comes to a choice between Cap Ex and Op Ex, the decision is not just between large up front expenditure (Cap Ex) and consistently priced operating expenses (Op Ex) together with their respective tax advantages and environmental impact. 

The choice is more about flexibility, translating into scalable, up-to-date technology that adapts to your business needs without the fear of obsolescence or unexpected downtime. 

Although migration to the cloud may seem daunting at first, our team offers comprehensive support to make your shift to the cloud as seamless as possible, tailored to your specific needs and with minimal disruption.