How Windows 365 Can Cut Your IT Costs and Boost Security

What if you could know that your systems and data were secure, backed up and available for your use anywhere in the world 24/7/365?  


Your up-to-the-minute data securely accessible when meeting clients in Dubai, even though your company is based in Austin.  


Windows 365 has turned this from being “someday” into “today.”


Windows 365 is based on the familiar Windows operating system, located in the cloud, and is accessible through workstations in your office, on your laptop, or on mobile devices when you’re on the move. Far from being complicated or requiring additional expense in terms of employees, hardware, software and training, Windows 365 takes all those worries off your hands.  Included in the package is flexibility, updates and support when you need it.  


You save on expenses by the reduced need for sophisticated hardware and software, hardened security, increased productivity, reduced licensing fees, continuous support and business scalability.


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