The Case for Air-Gapped and Immutable Backups in Your Business

The Case for Air-Gapped
and Immutable Backups in Your Business

Ransomware has become one of the most notorious malware in the last few years, if not the most. Almost no data is safe from it because it accesses company data and encrypts it. Quite often, these attacks are long-drawn and carried out over a period of months, during which the attackers slowly set up backdoors, encrypt files, and surgically execute the process. Initially, data backup was deemed the solution, which failed because the backup used to be part of the same network the attackers had entered. So, what is the solution?

Air-Gapping and Immutable Storage

Air-gapping is a technique where data is stored in an offline storage that is completely disconnected from your network. Due to the space between the network-connected storage and the offline storage, the method is called air-gapping. Immutable storage refers to storage that doesn’t permit data to be accessed or modified. These two storage methods can be used for backup data to ensure it is safe from malicious attacks such as ransomware attacks.

Air-gapping and immutability of backups can ensure viruses such as ransomware cannot reach the storage even if the entire network is affected. It is because the backup is in an offline storage space that the attackers and the viruses cannot remotely access. Furthermore, air-gapping helps to reduce the surface of the attack as cybercriminals will have much fewer entry points to exploit and access the data.

Why Should Businesses Opt for Air-Gapping and Immutable Storage?

Businesses deal with several kinds of data with varying degrees of sensitivity. With air-gapping and immutable storage, they can prevent unauthorized data access, data theft, corruption of information, and more. The companies will not have to bear losses caused by such breaches, and issues such as system shutdown, restoration, and more will not have to be dealt with. Overall, brands will become more credible and prominent for the security they offer to user data. Brand trust will increase, elevating the business.

Want Air Gabbed and Immutable Backups?

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